Calling all men:  five top reasons to make the change

Calling all men: five top reasons to make the change


Our natural shampoo or shower bars are:

  • Environmentally friendly.  There are alarming statistics around plastic waste (9 million tonnes into the ocean annually according to National Geographic) and how much less bathroom waste is recycled than kitchen waste (we read only 50% bathroom as opposed to 90% kitchen).  When a solid bar is used, it is completely gone.  Plastic free and minimal packaging.  Low transport costs if made and sold in-country.  
  • Plant based and free from controversial synthetic chemicals.  No animal fats.  No sulphates, parabens, phthalates or anything else you don't really want near your hair and skin. 
  • Great for your hair.  All that natural goodness and essential oil loveliness will work wonders on your (undyed) hair whatever its type and length.  Both hair and skin will be left feeling thoroughly clean and fresh.
  • Economical and brilliant value for money.  Containing less water and on average lasting two to three times longer than bottled shampoo and shower gel, these bars are great money savers.
  • Travel friendly.  No more spillages in your bag.  Take it to the gym.  Take it on your staycation.  Travel light.