All I want for Christmas is...Bricks!

All I want for Christmas is...Bricks!

Way back in the summer, I was thinking about what I might be able to do in terms of new scents or products for Christmas. There's a pretty big lead in time for any new products I make as I have to test them out first and, if they are soaps, I then have to get a product licence for them.

My most exciting new Christmas product is THE BIG JIM. Who doesn't love giant versions?  So I decided to make a big block of the scented Shampoo and Shower Bricks.  I think they look awesome!


As for  a new scent, luckily I had already thought that Cypress and Pine would be ideal as my next bold scent after Lime and Lemongrass and Mint and Tea Tree.  So I had already obtained the product licence.  The Cypress and Pine Shampoo Brick launched in June. 

The feedback on it has been brilliant and I think it smells really Christmassy too.

I'd also been looking for a Brick Tin for a while and finally managed to find one and a way to put our name on it.   So Anna put together two 'bathroom sets':  Jim's Bathroom Bag Bundle (One Brick) and Jim's Bathroom Bag Bundle (Three Bricks).  Each has a Brick Tin and Brick Tray in one of our new jute drawstring pouches together with the Bricks.  We thought it would be a great starter pack when making the swap to plastic free and eco friendly shower products.