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No, not a champagne scented Brick.  These Bricks are, well, bubbly.  

Sometimes air gets trapped in a batch and the Bricks cure with tiny air bubbles in them.  We think it's fair enough for there to be a few bubbles in some of the Bricks and we will send these out.  However, there have been a few batches recently where there have been way too many bubbles in most of the Bricks and we haven't wanted to sell these full size Bricks at full price.

So we thought we would sell them at the discounted price of £4.50 (£3.50 for C*ck Ups sizes - click on product link below for details of what C*ck Ups are).  They absolutely still do the job but are just not quite as sleek as our usual Bricks.

So, grab yourself a bargain or two if you fancy some of these Bricks.    

I've put a few example pics on so you can see what the bubbly texture looks like.

    Please see individual product pages for product details including weight and Directions for Use