Shampoo Brick v Shower Brick

Both our shampoo and shower bricks can be used for hair and body so what is the difference?

Cocoa butter.  All of our shampoo bricks contain a dollop of this lovely little conditioning ingredient and our shower bricks don’t.

The oil ratios are also slightly different (same oils though) to allow the shampoo brick to be a bit more moisturising than the shower brick.

And that is all. 

We had thought that people would prefer one or the other of these bars but it seems some guys like to use both at the same time.  Whilst the packaging is a bit different for each bar, we know that this is not enough to tell them apart when you start using them.  So we are actively considering what changes we can make to distinguish between them. 

In fact, we have put this question out there to you - hop on over to insta jims_bricks or facebook @jimsbricks and see our post (13 March).  Tell us what you think.  And we hope to have a solution very soon, watch this space.