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Sometimes Jim just cuts the Bricks a little bit small for his liking.  It's a tricky job and one that Jim is getting better and better at.  

We've put the technical info about the weight of our Bricks below.  The short story is that we have decided to sell our 'smaller than we would like' Bricks at a brilliant discount, whilst stocks last.  These Bricks will all be between 66-73g, guaranteed.

So, grab a Brick for just £3.00

For a limited time only while stocks last.  Stock of these Bricks comes and goes!  


See our product pages (opens in a new window) for full descriptions of the bars and directions for use:

Cypress and Pine Shampoo Brick

Lime and Lemongrass Shampoo Brick

Lime and Lemongrass Shower Brick

Mint and Tea Tree Shampoo Brick

Mint and Tea Tree Shower Brick

Bare Shampoo Brick

Bare Shower Brick


Technical info

The weight of our Bricks is 75g℮.  The ℮ mark is used on a label to indicate that the product has been packed in accordance with the average weights legislation.  In practice it means that the average weight of each bar in a batch is above 75g however there is always a margin of inaccuracy as you would expect especially with handmade and small batch products.  Legally we are allowed to sell 2.5% of bars in each batch between 66g and 70.5g and any number between 70.5g and 75g so long as the average weight of all the bars in the batch is above 75g. 

But we just feel that those under 73g are, well, a bit small.    So we have decided not to sell them at full price. 

There are always a few smaller but perfect ones in each batch.  As our bars have been selling super fast and Jim has been very busy making up lots of batches in the workshop, we now have sufficient number of these 'smaller than we would like' bars to offer a really good deal on.

These limited edition smaller than we would like bars, have a guaranteed a minimum weight of 66g.   As this is the bottom of our permitted range for the ℮ mark, these Bricks will be sent in the same boxes and with the same labels as full price bars.

What about giving to the food banks and other charitable donations?

We give away our 'not so perfect' bars.  This is where we are not completely happy with the shape or the consistency in the brick but where they are totally usable.  We have given to local foodbanks and will continue to do so.  We are also actively seeking out other causes who might benefit from these.  So don't worry this limited special offer does not affect this giving in any way.