At the start line

At the start line

When we launched in November, we plunged thankfully straight into the online Christmas gift market world.  That, together with some wonderful support from friends, family, local community and complete strangers, meant for an excitingly busy November and December and a brilliant start for us.

Now we are in January the time has come to focus on strategy and sales channels.  We are starting with our website (all done ‘in-house’) using Facebook and Instagram for sales together with profile raising on LinkedIn.  For a lawyer and a food technologist, these are not our natural comfort zones.  However, we like a challenge and we are passionate about all things eco-friendly and making the planet a better place for our children than it is currently destined to be.  That’s got to be a good starting place as we begin the serious business of getting Jim’s Bricks out there.

Whilst we navigate homeschooling a 5 year old alongside keeping a lively 3 year old entertained, we have been delving into this new-to-us world.   Even though we are not currently able to devote hours and hours a day to scrolling, researching, liking, following, sharing and creating brilliant content, by beginning to put ourselves out there we have started breaking into the social space. 

  • We have joined MeetUp which is an online marketplace for 'cool sustainable brands' (their words not ours)
  •  Through a suggestion on a post on the great Holly & Co-mmunity (cheerleading the small business community), we have joined an exciting entrepreneur/press hub into which we have pitched our story
  • We have been following lots of eco-Instagramers and learning new facts and eco-swaps every day  

All very exciting. 

Another added bonus is that by taking a few minutes a day to step into this world we alleviate the isolation of lockdown a little and find inspiration, motivation and even comfort in our new online communities.   The power of many is going to power us through these tough starting conditions.

We are grateful for all support – please like, follow, share and even try a brick when you can.