Subscribe and save

  We want to encourage as many men as possible to make the change to shampoo and shower bars and to leave behind plastic bottles for good.  As well as making our bricks fantastically lathering and boldly scented, we have done all we can to make our bricks fairly and reasonably priced.  Quite simply, it will not cost you the earth (quite the reverse) to use our bricks. 
  We have carefully shaped and sized our bars so that you pay less postage.  Instead of delivery as a small parcel we are able to send your brick (up to six in one package) to you via second class Royal Mail as a large letter.  See our shipping policy for further details. 
  And we offer a subscription service which gives these brilliant benefits.
             Even less cost.  You can now subscribe and save 20% on a repeat subscription of a Triple or a Mystery Triple of our bars.  You can also subscribe and save 10% on individual brick subscriptions.   
             Less hassle and never run out of your bricks because you forgot to order.
  You can subscribe at any time by selecting the repeat order option on the product page of the bar you wish to choose and adding this to your basket.  Then when you reach checkout you will be asked to register for tyour subscription.   You can modify your subscription yourself at any time and you can cancel at any point after you have received your first repeat delivery.