The Essentials (about the Bricks)

No more difficult choices between great hair and environmental responsibility.  All of our Bricks are as natural as shampoo and shower bars are possible to be.     

These are the essentials.

 NO plastic 

 NO palm oil or derivatives


 NO perfumes or synthetic fragrances

 NO parabens or phthalates

 Natural ingredients

 NO colourings

 NO preservatives


 Cruelty free

 Less water than liquid shampoo and shower gel 

 Environmentally economical to transport 

 Handmade in the UK

 Fair price

 Lowest possible delivery cost

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Our Bricks are made using cold water saponification.  For more details of this, our ingredients and the necessary use in the process of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), please see our process | ingredients.

Our packaging

Our Bricks are packed into a recyclable cardboard box with a recyclable paper label attached.