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Our brick creator Jim was looking for a shampoo which did not irritate his scalp.  Nothing was working.  

In recent times, Jim started becoming more aware of the climate issues the global community is facing.   He hated all the plastic bottles that he consumed whilst washing himself every morning.  Whilst these went straight into the recycling, he wanted to try to reduce his usage. 

Faced with these two issues and as a natural problem solver, Jim got to thinking.  What was it about the liquid shampoos and 'soap bars' that he had tried and which had left him with a sore and itchy scalp?  With his food technology and science expertise, he investigated.  He concluded that perhaps it was the way in which these were made and the synthetic chemicals included in the ingredients. 

The shampoo and shower wash plastic bottle issue was one that others had already addressed.   What Jim needed was a natural solid shampoo or soap bar with no synthetic chemicals added.

He started looking for such a bar.  To his surprise, he could not find one that he liked the smell of.  All that he found seemed to be based on floral fragrances which he did not want to use. 

With his developing environmental consciousness, Jim also wanted to avoid using palm oil if possible and also wanted to use a UK made product.  This ruled out some of the solid bars he had been considering trying.  

Well, he thought, if I can't buy one, I will make one.  Putting his 20 years of industry science to good use, he started to develop a recipe with essential oils producing a scent blend that he - and his product testing mates - liked and enjoyed using. 

Eighteen months later and Jim's Bricks was born.  We hope you enjoy the bold scents and feel of our shampoo and shower bricks as much as James does. 


Our mission is to share the benefits of solid shampoo and shower bars with as many men as possible.  We are deeply concerned about the environmental emergency that the world is facing and passionate about men's health and fitness.

We believe that everyone can do something to help the world and themselves.  We actively continue to look for steps that we can take.  Some are successes and many we are still working on.  

We are trying to reach as many men as possible by making our bars truly reasonably priced, enabling the lowest cost delivery option possible and offering to take all the hassle out of re-ordering by providing a subscription service, which comes with a permanent reduction in price too. 

We are a new business and are exploring ways in which we can support and/or partner with great environmental causes.   

The environmental groups that we will aim to support include Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace along with other national and local climate change action groups which align with our personal values.  When we reach the point that we are in profit (we are still some way off that yet!) we pledge to donate 5% of our profits to such causes.  When the time comes, we will come up with a short list and put it to the vote of our customers and followers.

We are also community minded and want to be as socially responsible as we can.  Where possible we will buy and sell locally, engage local advisers and become involved in community projects.  

We have recently started donating 'not so perfect' bricks to our local foodbanks (both Trussell Trust).  These are perfectly usable but not quite the size or shape that we want to sell.  Rather than sell these as seconds, we reached out to two local foodbanks (Malmesbury and Cirencester) and were pleased to be able to supply them with these bricks.  We are hoping this will be an ongoing relationship.  We have also donated these 'not so perfect' bricks to a number of other good causes.