Price increase

Price increase

I've tried really hard to price my Bricks as fairly and reasonably as possible.  I did loads of research before Jim's Bricks launched in November 2020 and I've been blown away with how well my little idea has been received.

BUT the time has come where I have to increase the prices.  Weirdly I feel guilty about doing this but as everyone knows prices are going up everywhere and that includes for us in making and selling the Bricks.  I've been a bit quiet on social media recently as I've been having a good old think about this.  My conclusion is that we should do a price increase and keep on going!

I've just updated the website.  Bricks are now £4.95 for Shampoo Bricks and £4.75 for Shower Bricks.  There will still be savings on Triples, Mystery Triples and Bundles.  And of course there will be great savings when you sign up to repeat order subscriptions too (subscribers I'm going to be in touch directly with you about when your prices will go up and how I will manage that).

I still think this is fair and reasonable pricing and great value for everything you get when you buy my Bricks.  I hope you agree.  As ever, get in touch if you have any feedback.

Here's the full price list:

 Brick/Bundle One-off purchase price Subscriber price
Shampoo(single) £4.95 £4.45
Shower Brick (single) £4.75 £4.25
Shampoo Brick (Triple) £14.25 £11.85
Shower Brick (Triple) £13.65 £11.40
Mystery Triple Shampoo Brick £13.25 £11.85
Mystery Triple Shower Brick £13.00 £11.40
Brick Tray £6.00 -
Brick Tin £4.75 -
Shampoo Brick + Brick Tray Bundle  £9.95 -
Shower Brick + Brick Tray Bundle £9.75 -
Shampoo Brick + Brick Tin Bundle £9.45 -
Shower Brick + Brick Tin Bundle £9.25 -
Mystery Triple Shampoo Brick + Brick Tray Bundle £17.50 -
Mystery Triple Shower Brick and Brick Tray Bundle £17.00 -
Jim's Bathroom Bundle (One Brick) £18.50 -
Jim's Bathroom Bundle (Triple Shampoo Brick) £26.00 -
Jim's Bathroom Bundle (Mystery Triple Shampoo Brick) £25.00 -
Jim's Bathroom Bundle (Triple Shower Brick) £25.00 -
Jim's Bathroom Bundle (Mystery Triple Shower Brick) £24.00 -
Special Offer Jim's C*ck Ups (scented) £3.45 -
Special Offer Jim's C*ck Ups (bare) £3.00 -