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Introducing our new LIMITED EDITION mega Brick...


A big block of lovely lathery shampoo or shower wash.  It will last ages and look fab in your bathroom too.

Each block has been handmade and so the shape of each will vary.  As a rough guide, the block measures 8cm x 8cm x 5cm but the dimensions are different on each block that we have made.  All weigh a minimum of 300g.  Some sides are smooth and some are less so where the soap has been left to cure naturally.

Available as a LIMITED EDITION and priced at £20 per block.

THE BIG JIM is available in all of our scents (but not Bare):

Cypress and Pine Shampoo Brick

Lime and Lemongrass Shampoo Brick 

Mint and Tea Tree Shampoo Brick

Lime and Lemongrass Shower Brick

Mint and Tea Tree Shower Brick

Please take a look at the product pages of each scent for product descriptions and Directions for Use. 

THE BIG JIM fits, just about, on our lovely Brick Tray so we've also added the option to buy THE BIG JIM + BRICK TRAY in the drop down menu for £24 for the complete deal.

So whether you want a WOW present or just to give yourself a BIG treat, grab a BIG JIM today.  These are truly a limited edition so don't delay.

THE BIG JIM will be sent by parcel (not letterbox delivery) with postage costing £4.00 for Royal Mail standard delivery second class (£4.50 first class standard delivery) (one BIG JIM per parcel).